Regulators are leveraging technology and data-mining capabilities to enforce compliance more effectively. Companies owe it to their clients to do the same.

At Alaric Compliance, we complement our tailored and trusted compliance consulting and CCO outsourcing services with time-tested software that improves compliance process management and visibility.

Our cost-effective web-based tools help firms of all sizes enhance their compliance programs, including Code of Ethics compliance monitoring, reporting and review. We also offer compliance testing software to assist you with your annual testing requirement.

How We Can Help

Our technology solutions include support, training, software setup as well as tailoring the workflows, documents and processes to suit your unique compliance program. These solutions can be combined with Alaric’s Turnkey Solutions, or purchased on a stand-alone basis.

Our software is easy to use and designed to save time, enhancing your compliance task management while helping your firm comply with the latest legislation and regulations.


Code of Ethics Compliance Monitoring

Alaric’s Employee Code of Ethics Compliance Monitoring software automates pre-trade clearance; personal trade review; policy certifications, attestations and acknowledgement; gift and entertainment reporting and approvals; as well as outside business activity reporting, tracking and review.

Our software helps compliance officers, managers and other authorized users monitor transactions and holdings of employee (e.g. supervised, access and covered persons) investment account(s) vs. trading guidelines, issuing alerts if or when exceptions occur.

Compliance Testing Module

The Testing module enables you to create and conduct ad hoc or recurring tests based upon the polices and procedures and the testing calendar for your program.

Best Execution Monitoring

Our Best Execution Monitoring module automatically analyzes client trade data vs. market trade data and signals exceptions to client-defined best execution guidelines. Users can download market and trade data for further analysis and sorting.

Custom alert thresholds can be client-defined to pro-actively flag undesired trends in best execution (e.g. repetitive exceptions by trader, PM, executing broker, issuer, etc.).

We offer state-of-the-art custom reporting, with a report scheduler to report on any data set across any time period. Reports can be filtered by trader, security type, PM, portfolio, portfolio group, issuer, broker/dealer, information source, calendar period, etc.

Anti-Money Laundering

Alaric’s Anti-Money Laundering software helps clients scan account registrations versus the OFAC, FinCen and numerous other pertinent lists, issuing alerts if matches occur. The system also performs initial account/investor search and lookup for list(s) matching checking vs. full name, alias, address, tax ID, etc.

Further, the system will report unusual cash activities in a portfolio, including exceptionally large transactions, material increases in a position, significant account value changes, and excessive trading patterns.

Any generated exception report(s) are sent via email to the authorized user(s). The detailed report is accessible via our website and is user ID and password protected.

Performance Dispersions

Our Performance Dispersions module monitors account/portfolio performance across grouped portfolios and alerts for dispersions, which can be checked for multiple time periods including since inception. Detection can be applied across composite accounts, account vs. model, model vs. composite and account vs. composite, etc. Tolerance or threshold levels, or both, are determined by the client.

Global Holdings Filing Alerts

Our powerful technology-enabled Global Holdings software analyzes aggregate enterprise holdings and issues alerts if holdings must be reported to the respective global regulatory jurisdiction. It also alerts designated users when holdings percentages approach thresholds related to required filings.

Insider Trading Detection

Refreshed daily, our Insider Trading Detection module consolidates events and news on a company-by-company basis to help detect the misuse of material non-public information. Our software automatically compares events and news vs. employee or company managed portfolio transactions (or both), and signals when a trade occurs prior to a market moving issuer event.

Users can search issuer events for comparison and matching alerts. They can set guidelines and time thresholds (e.g. time of trade vs. time of event announcements), number of days before and after the event for trade-aheads, volume and ownership percentage filters.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity is one of the most challenging issues facing firms today. Firms that do not have adequate cybersecurity programs in place are under the threat of a breach which could result in the loss of clients, assets and the firm’s reputation as well as penalties from both the regulators and/or civil actions.

Alaric offers several solutions powered by BW Cyber Services to help your firm comply with the cybersecurity regulatory requirements of the SEC, FINRA, CFTC and NFA, and to mitigate the threat of real-world security breaches. These services include:

Cybersecurity Regulatory Compliance Program – A core service for investment advisers, hedge funds, commodity pool operators and commodity trading advisers that is designed to assess their practices, policies and procedures relating to identifying and addressing cybersecurity risks required by the regulators, to firm networks and information, remote access to client information and funds transfer requests, third party risks and detecting unauthorized activities.

Cybersecurity Due Diligence – This service is performed in tandem with or in support of Investor Due Diligence activities – with a focus on cybersecurity. The main objective of this service is to assess BOTH cybersecurity compliance to SEC/FINRA & CFTC/NFA regulatory requirements, as well as real-world controls and protections that go beyond regulatory issues – controls and supporting process that investors expect/demand to further reduce cyber threats and related operational risks.

Penetration and Vulnerability Testing – Remote, real time testing of the cybersecurity environment, that will help firms identify and prioritize the threats to their organization.

Forensics – In the unfortunate circumstance where a breach has occurred, or, your firm becomes a victim of ransomware, this service will provide immediate, on-demand forensic support to quickly identify what happened, how it happened and when the breach occurred.

Compromise Assessment – After all forensics have been completed, this assessment is most commonly utilized to ensure that the attacker is no longer active in the environment and/or unable to breach the environment in the future based on information and/or valid credentials that may have been compromised in the initial breach.

Managed Security Services – This service provides ongoing cyber security support and monitoring at reasonable cost for the small to mid-sized firms.

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Alaric has partnered with leading software firms to provide a comprehensive compliance solution that seamlessly integrates personal trading and core modules such as trading analytics, guideline compliance and calendaring systems.”
- Guy F. Talarico, CEO & Founder, Alaric Compliance Services

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