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NSCP Webinar: Everything You Want to Know About Business Development Companies

On May 8th, the NSCP and Alaric Compliance Services, LLC hosted a webinar discussion on business development companies, the second in a series on Credit Products.
The demand for alternative pooled and/or structured credit products such as Business Development Companies (BDCs), Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) vehicles and privately offered alternative credit funds has accelerated due to investors and their advisers searching for enhanced yields and active management of interest rate risks. This accelerating trend is reducing traditional credit exposure and effectively replacing it with exposure to alternative credit strategies and products.
The webinar covered the following topics pertaining to Business Development Companies: 

  • The origin and unique status of BDCs under the 1940 Act
  • Differences between the various types of BDCs
  • Key aspects of the hybrid 1940 Act investment company and 1934 Act reporting operating company regulatory treatment of BDCs
  • Everyday compliance issues regarding the investment, operating and marketing activities of BDCs
  • SEC focus areas  

The panelists for this discussion included Guy Talarico, CEO and Founder, Alaric Compliance Services, Carl Rizzo, Director, Alaric Compliance Services and Joseph Hanlon, Chief Compliance Officer, Crescent Capital Group LP.


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