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Fake Zoom Phishing Attack

We thought you would find this Alert published by our business partner BW Cyber of interest.

BW Cyber Services wants to make you aware of a recent fake zoom phishing attack against an Australian Hedge Fund that forced it to close.

After simply clicking on a fake Zoom invite Levitas Capital was breached and became the victim of fraudulent wire transfers initially totaling more than $8.7 million dollars. While actions were undertaken to track down and stop many of the wires that were in progress, over $800,000 was ultimately lost and the business forced to close. The criminals are still at large. As we continuously stress in our cybersecurity training sessions, this is a tremendous threat that could be directed at and easily affect any asset manager who is not appropriately prepared.

To learn more about this incident and how BW Cyber can help you protect your operations, click here , visit or call 646-779-8976.


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