The recent escalation of regulatory changes and examinations from the SEC and FINRA has made it necessary for broker dealers to ramp up their focus on risk assessments and compliance monitoring. The role of the broker dealers compliance officer has expanded as a result of this changing landscape. In order to remain compliant and competitive, CCOs need skills that meet the demands of their redefined roles. Our team at Alaric Compliance can provide you with the support and tools needed to succeed in this challenging and changing role.

How We Can Help

The Alaric Compliance team offers specialized compliance services to broker dealers to help in-house CCOs assess and anticipate compliance issues, and effectively manage their compliance programs. Our depth of knowledge and experience ensures that we can provide the solutions you need, including: registration assistance; support for annual regulatory reviews and examinations; training and continuing education; and independent anti-money laundering (AML) reviews.


Full Outsourcing Chief Compliance Officer Function

Application and Licensing Support

  • Registration Assistance – New Membership Applications
  • Continuing Membership Applications
  • State Licensing Services
  • Registered Representative Licensing and Registration
  • Regulatory Element Training Administration
  • Coaching for Licensing Examinations

Ongoing Compliance Program Support

  • Manuals – Written Supervisory Procedure (WSP) Development and Updates
  • Business Continuity Plan Development and Reviews
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance Program Development and Updates
  • Development of Branch, Non-Branch and Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction (OSJ) Audit Protocols
  • Advertising Reviews
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Testing
  • Firm Element Training Analysis, Recommendations and Reporting

Examinations, Reviews and Testing

  • Annual AML Examinations
  • Branch Audits
  • OSJ Audits
  • Risk Assessments
  • Development and Execution of Annual Review (3120) Testing
  • Mock FINRA Examination
  • Regulatory Examination Support and Deficiency Response
  • DOL Fiduciary Rule Reviews

Other related compliance consulting

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