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Alaric Compliance Alert: MSRB Regulated Entities - April 30, 2019 Compliance Calendar Deadlines

For Municipal Advisors and Dealers there are two upcoming compliance deadlines that require attention.

Municipal Advisor and Dealer Political Contributions Disclosures

MSRB requires each regulated entity to submit certain information, through Form G-37, to the MSRB on municipal securities and municipal advisory business, and political contributions to municipal entity officials. Dealers are also required to submit information on payments to state or local political parties and contributions to bond ballot campaigns made by the dealer, its municipal finance professionals (MFP) and non-MFP executive officers, and political actions committees (PACs) controlled by the dealer or an MFP of the dealer. Municipal advisors are required to submit the same information as dealers if the payments and contributions are made by the municipal advisor, its municipal advisor professionals (MAPs) and non-MAP executive officers, and PACs controlled by the municipal advisor or a MAP of the municipal advisor. This filing must be completed by April 30, 2019.

Annual Municipal Advisor Professional Fee

MSRB Rule A-11 on Assessments for Municipal Advisor Professionals requires each registered municipal advisor to pay a recurring annual fee to the MSRB of $500 for each person associated with the municipal advisor who is qualified as a municipal advisor representative as of January 31st each year. The invoices for the annual professional fees are mailed by the MSRB the first week of April and the annual professional fee is due by April 30th each year.

Is your firm prepared to meet these compliance deadlines?

Please be sure to complete and submit the required MSRB forms by April 30th as there may be penalties and fees associated with late filings and payments.

With over 275 years of cumulative financial services compliance expertise, including submitting regulatory filings and managing over 100 regulatory examinations while serving as chief compliance officers, our team of former regulators, lawyers, and in-house chief compliance officers will make sure your firm is ready. Call Alaric today to learn more about our Municipal Advisor compliance services at 1-888-243-2448 or

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