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Alaric Compliance Alert: Rethinking Annual Reviews

Annual reviews are a daunting task taking CCOs time and other valuable firm resources. In our article in Money Management Executive entitled “Conducting a Stronger Compliance Review”, Alaric Compliance explains that there are ways of conducting annual reviews that are faster than existing approaches, yet equally comprehensive.

Do you have the right resources to conduct a thorough review with less time and effort?

Many CCOs lack the time and resources to conduct their annual reviews effectively and efficiently, such as incorporating interim reviews. Fortunately, Alaric Compliance can help.

What we offer:

What sets Alaric Compliance apart?

With nearly 300 years of cumulative financial services compliance expertise, we can help you leverage technology and interim testing to streamline your annual review.

Because we have completed hundreds of exams as CCOs and former regulators, we bring deep insight into current compliance issues, industry best practices, and regulators’ top focus areas.

To learn more about our Annual Review services, browse this website or call Alaric today at 1-888- 243-2448.


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