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Alaric Compliance Alert: Cyber Assailants Targeted in Important New Security Sweep

According to compliance and cybersecurity experts, financial industry regulators are embarking on a new cybersecurity sweep, with a focus on registrants’ data loss prevention, oversight of third-party service providers and incident response planning. And with good reason.

Cyber assailants continue to perpetrate increasingly sophisticated attacks on U.S financial institutions, including exploiting weaknesses to steal valuable data and breaching third-party information service provider systems. Yet many firms remain woefully ill-prepared to fend off the latest threats and lack actionable incident response plans to recover from a breach.

Click here to read Guy Talarico’s article in Investment News and learn more.

Alaric offers several solutions powered by BW Cyber Services to help your firm comply with cybersecurity regulatory requirements and to mitigate the threat of real-world security breaches.

These services include:

  • Cybersecurity Compliance Program Assessment/Gap Analysis
  • Cybersecurity Policy and Procedure Development
  • Penetration and Vulnerability Testing
  • Cybersecurity Due Diligence Reviews of Third Parties
  • Forensic Support for Breaches
  • Ongoing Cyber Security Program Support and Monitoring

Want to know if your Cybersecurity practices, policies and procedures meet the expectations of the SEC? Call Alaric Compliance today at 1-888-243-2448, or email to learn how Alaric — voted Best Compliance Firm by Alt Credit Intelligence, an HFM Global Publication in 20181 — can help you manage your compliance challenges.

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